Louis Vuitton sold at... COSTCO ?!?

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  1. One of the reasons why I like LV is that it never is sold at discounted prices or at outlets. I know that Costco sells Fendi, and Coach items but I never knew they sell Louis Vuitton as well?! I heard this from a girl on another forum and just couldn't believe it so I knew I had to ask you connoisseurs.

    I pray that they don't, it's too depressing to think that it istrue :hysteric:... I still think (and hope) she's just misinformed...
  2. I think she is misinformed! Louis Vuitton is one of the few brands that is exclusive to its boutiques. I can't ever see it going wholesale!
  3. That is definitely NOT true.
  4. lol, LV never goes on sale. Costco sells old seasonal sale bags. Not applicable to LV.
  5. Thank GOD. But I did a quick search after posting and came across another thread asking whether the posters would buy LV if it was sold at discount stores and saw a post:
  6. I can't imagine that every happening.
  7. Nope not true. And if ya'll remember the fiasco Sams Club had with Fendi over selling the bags, the Buyer that was doing that (btw she WAS buying them from Fendi just straight from somewhere or another) got fired over it. I know her personally and I have to say it was and still is a fiasco
  8. Not True
  9. Hmmm....Costco has become the retailer of urban myths now.
  10. The Costco in Downtown Vancouver, Canada does sell LV bags. My sister in law told me that she saw some there right before Christmas. I went to check that out for myself but they were sold out by the time I got there shortly after Christmas. I asked someone who worked there and she told me that they would restock in Janurary. I could hardly believe that LV would be sold at Costco but it is true!!!
  11. Yeah... and Karl Lagerfeld is the artistic director of LV. :roflmfao:
  12. ^^^ Lol
  13. Maybe they were fake :rolleyes:
  14. costco is an intenational powerhouse i think they are twisting a few arms as well as stocking the ceo's wife's closet
  15. i don't think so... i even heard that sam's or something like that had a fendi bag, and were being sued by LVMH over it... i don't know the whole story, just something i heard.
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