Louis Vuitton sold at Costco

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  1. Hello all!

    I am currently in Scottsdale Arizona, and I just returned from Costco. I was very surprised to find a Louis Vuitton bag in one of the display cases. I, of course, asked to see it and grilled the Costco Rep on where they get their Vuitton products from.

    I asked several questions and received answers for everything. See below.


    Where do the bags come from?
    Answer: "They come from Canada, they are all Authentic"

    How often do you get Vuitton products in?
    Answer: "Every other month or so, but this one has been here for a while"

    How many do you get each time?
    Answer: "It depends, usually no less than 3"

    Do you have any others in stock?
    Answer: "Our computer says that we have several new items available, but they haven't displayed them. I can check for you though. The computer does not show full names, but it says Mongram Brown, Bequia, Monogram Brown, Damier Blue, Vernis and again Monogram Brown"

    When can I see these items?
    Answer: "Not exactly sure, but they should be out in a day or two"

    Does your return policy apply to the bags?
    Answer: "Yes, anything except for electronics"

    I will be returning tomorrow to see what they have.

    I apologize if the photos are not clear, I was trying not to look too much like a whacko taking pictures of purses.
    Costco1.jpg Costco2.jpg Costco3.jpg Costco4.jpg Costco5.jpg
  2. Wow, I'm floored!!!! I never knew Costco sold LV?! Did they look authentic?
  3. someone has posted about this before but it was a long time ago
  4. WOW that's insane!!!
  5. They sell Fendi on their website.
  6. That bag looks fake. Unless LV changed the insides from a few years ago, my MC Sologne does NOT have a leather patch on the inside lining.
  7. wow, how weird! I've been to two Costco's here in LA area and neither of them have LVs or any handbags remotely close in value. I guess I"m surprised because I thought only LV and a few stores like Saks, Neiman's, etc were "authorized" to sell LV. I can't imagine LV is allowing bags to be sold at Costco?? I wonder what is going on.
  8. LV does not allow Costco to sell these bags. I don't know where they are getting them.
  9. yeah, i remember that....!
  10. ^^^I used to own the black Sologne and it also did not have the patch inside. Instead it was embossed on the inside of the closure flap.
  11. Hmmm, that's interesting ... I didn't think LV would allow that.
  12. I just checked this again - it is a FAKE LV.
  13. IF these were authentic (which I highly doubt), I would assume they'd come from the warehouse in Tennessee where the items from the LV site and elux come from, NOT Canada. :nogood:

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  15. that's funny. The vachetta looks fake too. Costco got sued about their fake Fendi before so I won't be surprised if I see this at my Costco.