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  1. For some reason, most ppl who carry a LV seems like jerks. Being an owner of 4 of them, or I think its 5 now considering the one I just got on eBay... I am not one of those. I feel a bit snobbish though when I carry my bags..yes one at a time! Some people just have an aura about them that says " im better than everyone because of my lv" and maybe thats just here in Los Angeles....

    Some say a bag defines you, I disagree with that 100%
    Your attitude defines who you are, not some materialistic thing... and if a thing can make you different as a person, then you might as well crawl into a hole and die.
    I always thought it was weird how a lot of ppl will have nice things and get caught up in nothing else but themselves. Why?

    I drive a luxury vehicle and yet, I am normal, humble and don't think I am any better than anyone... my bag is just something to make my outfit look nicer and more polished. I am not trying to "scream" IM RICH or I AM BETTER THAN YOU....
    This may seem like a silly threat considering the fact that I am here on this website... I am here to get it through my head the different between fake and real because having bought all my bags at the LV store itself, on eBay ..its an experience that confuses me to the max... how sure can you be of what is or isn't authentic??

    This website is great in the sense of that... and maybe getting advice on bags however for the vast majority of threads, all I have seen were people with sticks up their a** bragging about this, that, etc etc etc..a ungreatfulness, snobbyness is what I am feeling in regards to the bloggers on this site ( not all, but a lot)

    We come on this earth with nothing, we leave this earth with nothing... As much as I love my LV bags, I am not about to sit here and make a boring list of the ones I want and have and to be pathetic enough to post pictures of the useless stuff that I carry in my bags,,,,, Don't go obssesing over material things... they are just things.:tup:
  2. well said girl :smile:

    but IMO, some of us here sometimes just wish to "share" they things they love because maybe not all people in their surround as passionate about the beauty they just got :yes:

    and for the snobs person i saw carrying LV, i don't really care about them :smile:
    as long as they don't look down at people...
    i don't drive in cars, i go by public transport and i have few designer bags and i don't feel ashamed of carrying it and afraid people thought it was fake because i still go by public transport.
    i bought the bags for my satisfactiona dn not to show people that i can afford them.

    there's a difference between a girl who carry designer bags and a girl who let their designer bags carry them.
    and i am into the 1st category :yes:
  3. sounds like this may not be the forum for you.
  4. well said...i like your last quote ;)

    no one is going to respond to this post hehe, because they all know they fit into this category..well except you I guess lol

    I know that in LA, tons of ppl have LV especially the asians... I would love to see more African Americans with LV's...seriously...
  5. Robin.. don't feel bad --- you may be a bag snob but relax, its christmas! ;):heart:
  6. well you're certainly not humble when it comes to expressing your thoughts about "a lot" of us:rolleyes:
  7. Grow up
  8. i'm closing this thread. "Frenchsurfergrl" Sounds like you have stumbled on the wrong forum.
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