Louis Vuitton SLG advice!

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  1. Hi everyone! I am planning to purchase a new Louis Vuitton wallet, and I have quite a few in mind. The ones I am considering include: the new zippy wallet with rose ballerine lining, clemence wallet with rose ballerine lining, zippy organiser, Sarah wallet (possibly doing mon mono), and the adele wallet.

    I have seen most of them in store however I can still not make up my mind! I am aware of glazing issues and am not too worried about it (but it would be nice if the chosen one was less subject to glazing rubbing off) and I do require a lot of card slots hence the reason why I listed the ones above.

    Please let me know which ones you love and why, or which ones you could recommend over the others. I would love to know everyones' opinion! Thank you!
  2. I've recently got a Sarah mono. The card space is brilliant and there's mountains of room for everything you need to carry. ;). Good luck deciding.
  3. I have owned most of the wallets you've listed and the best I've found is the zippy wallet,it lasts the longest and really has no problems like the others sometimes do.

  4. Good post.
  5. I find the Zippy to be the most practical style and prone to having least amount of issues. Recently bought a 2009 DE zippy organizer at about 45% off and it is in excellent condition...It is definitely a big wallet tho and I plan to use for overseas travelling... Passports, boarding passes, immigration forms etc.

    Also got the new zippy compact recently and will be getting the Clemence in a few weeks. The compact is perfect and fits in almost all of my purses, it is lightweight, has 9 card slots, and an extra compartment for other cards or receipts. I also really like the Clemence since it is a thin wallet but holds everything a full sized one would.

    Overall, I'd vote for any of the Zippys.
  6. I have the Adele wallet, love it because it opens flat, so its easier to get cards in n out
  7. Zippy is my favorite LV wallet....
  8. Thanks ukpandagirl! I do like the 4 card spaces at the front! How's the glazing on the flap? I do know the emilie wallet has a lot of glazing issues and it's similar design to the Sarah wallet. Maybe the Sarah wallet is made with better quality because of the higher price tag?
  9. Thank you Louis1970! I read your posts in the rose ballerine thread and that's how I found out the zippy with rose ballerine lining existed :heart: definitely will have to check it out when I get a chance!
  10. I have the Sarah (mono) because the zip on the Zippy would get on my nerves :smile:

    I like that the Sarah has so many card slots, I find it's layout very practical for my needs, I have just had the flap reglazed after 12 months of light use though. I think in terms of glazing problems the Zippy is probably the best but I still prefer the Sarah.

    Let us know what you decide :smile:
  11. Haha looks like the zippy's are definitely winning! I had no idea the new compact zippy could hold so much, I thought the new accordion style was impractical from looking online :/ do you have to fold your cash notes to put them in the wallet?
  12. Opening flat was also why I was attracted to the adele :biggrin: the positioning of the card slots is what bugs me though and I'm scared of them loosening too much, also how's the wear and tear on the zippers? My friend has the insolite wallet in multicolour and the colour on the zips has been rubbing off onto other items in her handbags!
  13. Damn...I knew I probably would have to reglaze at some point but not so soon! A year after light use is very soon! Looks like Sarah is out of the running, thanks for your advice Aussiemel :smile:
  14. mine's good,as for Adele wallet, you pull the leather tag, so would show less wear n tear on the metal part I guess?

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  15. I think I was maybe just unlucky. The rest of the wallet is in perfect condition which is why they repaired it for free.

    I think the most carefree of all would be the Zippy, I've heard the new one has more card slots too.