Louis Vuitton silver cross sandal, love them!

  1. what do you ladies think of these? I just got a pair last weekend and totally LOVE them! they look fantastic on. I have always loved silver and am so happy with all these metallics coming out!
  2. Very nice! Are they comfortable?
  3. oh those are beautiful!
  4. They are nice! Very retro looking too!
  5. Very nice! I like em!
  6. They're so sleek and modern.. I love them!
  7. Gorgeous
  8. beautiful but i would probably kill myself in them :S
  9. they are actually very comfortable, I went a size down because they are a little loose at the ankle but they are very easy to walk in.
  10. Beautiful shoes!
  11. I love the style but I think I like them in gold better.
  12. Love those! Michelle got those in gold and she said they are very comfortable
  13. wow!!!!they're gorgeous!!!!!:biggrin:
  14. Those are fantastic!!
  15. They are classic!! Love them. They look comfortable are they? Adorable! Good choice.