Louis Vuitton sightings

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  1. Kind of like celebrity sightings but LV!

    Post which LV bags you've seen today and where!

    I saw a lady with a monogram speedy 25 in waldbaum's and another one with a popincourt haut in BJ's. (they're both grocery/grocery warehouse type stores.)

    I think it would be cute to see which ones are the most commonly sighted!
  2. Interesting thread! I was stuck at work all day today (and nobody at work wears vuitton).

    OH, I forgot. I had a sighting of a black epi pochette.

    Oh. oops. That was mines. :Push:

    I'll post again tomorrow! :lol:
  3. the ones i see most are the Mono Speedy 25 and the Mono and Multicolore Pochette Accessoires. and from what i've seen, most of them are fake :lol:
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  4. I saw a girl at the movies tonight with a mono speedy ... I think it was the 35, it was pretty big! I also saw someone with a mono papillon.
  5. I live in vancouver pretty much every other asian girl in her 20's has a LV. alot of fakes gucci!!
  6. Sunday when I was backing out of the parking lot at the movies... I almost hit this girl that was carrying a very oxidized Speedy 25... :P
  7. I passed a woman carrying a mono Trouville today.
  8. I always see Speedy 25 or 30s in Taiwan, they usually are all very old with a dark patina (dark brown/black). I've seen a Damier Papillon 30 once. Oh, and there's a woman in my yoga class who has a monogram Petite Noe (also very old with super dark patina). I guess women here in Taiwan just love their purses and never get rid of them. :heart:
  9. I was at the mall today and at Nordstrom, I saw two women with MIZIs. They were beautiful and I'm still hunting for mine!

    I also saw a mono speedy 30, a speedy 25, and a reg. Batignolles.

    I did see a woman with a fake mono ellipse and a teenager with a fake mc white pochette.
  10. Today? Only my b-e-a-utiful Alma hehehee!
  11. two mizis! wow!
  12. yesterday at Cabozan [sp?] outlet mall, in the Juicy store, Damier speedy 30 I think. 2 fake MC speedys, very odd colors & no vachetta. & My illovo.
  13. only my red epi pochette today.
  14. yeah, most of the LV bags you see on the streets are fake.

    but i saw a lady with a manhattan gm and a young girl with a speedy 25 some days ago (both were real).
  15. I've seen several authentic bags lately, to my shock and surprise! I spy on people at the mall. I find it depends on which store I go into! :lol: Lots of manhattan sightings lately.