** LOUIS VUITTON Sighting - was this YOU ?? **

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  1. ** please post any LV sightings you see and a short description of the person wearing the LV, maybe you saw a PF'er, If it is YOU who was seen then speak up lol **

    Where: Exchange Square Manchester UK
    When: Dec. 27th afternoon
    Who: young asian woman in tweed coat holding boyfriends hand, also taking pictures with camera
    What: Mini Lin Ebene speedy
    Me:Carrying pochette melville and also on my phone, holding 3 shopping bags

    Where: Louis Vuitton Manchester, UK
    When: Dec. 27th around 2pm
    Who: Young asian guy dressed in black trench coat with white sweater underneath and had glasses
    What: holding utah tote in Louis Vuitton (maybe purchasing or could of been his own)
    Me: same as first
  2. wow. thats a lot to remember.
  3. hahah..whenever I see someone on the street with a nice bag I ALWAYS wonder if they're from PF.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.