Louis vuitton shortage?Should I risk a purches?

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  1. I really want to buy a Louis vuitton Carryall.
    Now due to Louis Vuitton recent shorteges on the populer bags and that all my other bags which I wanted have become out of stock do you think it would be wise of me to buy this bag now?I keep on dragging the mouse to the buy button and then dragging it off.The bag has already become out of stock once and then came back up and is still up now.I just dont no weather to buy it now or risk waiting untill my next payday which is on the 26th:shrugs:,the bag has been in stock for the past couple of days buut just the thought of it possibly going back out of stock makes me feel odd knowing I had the chance to buy it :wondering should I yes or no?
  2. If you're sure that you really want it (and it's not just a second choice because the bag you really want is unavailable at the moment) and can afford it right now, I'd go for it. :smile:
  3. It was one of the 1st bags I really wanted,I can kinda afford it but I can risk not eating for a month lol.I just havent seen it with my own 2 eyes which is abit worrying for me, iv watched a couple of video's on youtube on it and iv seen some pics but I just dont no.I want the bag but im scared that I may make a mistake which I made with my speedy 30 (It was to SMALL!)
  4. Haha. I know the feeling. I've sacrificed plenty of other little luxuries (or on the odd occasion more like necessities!) for LV. It's always so worth it though!

    Seriously, if you order it from the website and it's not to your liking when it arrives, you can always return it.
  5. Hahahaha you do make me laugh.I think every purches from Louis V is worth it and I do like to think of the bags as invesments because they do last :smile:.I suupose I always could.Have you ever returnd anything?and do you get your money back :confused1:? Do you like the bag?I always like other people's opinions.Its just im tall you see for a girl (5'10) and I really need a big bag :shucks:
  6. I think it's definitely worth it if you love it. I don't regret any of my LV purchases so far.

    I have never returned anything to LV, but I know that you'll have no problem returning it within the 14 day period as long as it hasn't been used. I'm sure you'll love it but if it's not quite what you'd hoped for you know you've got the peace of mind of a return - or an exchange.

    I like the Carryall, yes, though I would LOVE if it came in Damier Ebene too!

    Good luck with your decision. :smile:
  7. Buy it! Like Boyoverboard has said you can always return it! I have had the same happen to me ( where I didn't buy it) and I have obsessed and kicked myself until it had become available again.
  8. Im deffently doing it now!! :smile: thankyou guys youv been a big help,If im not happy will they give me a full refund ect? its just iv never returnd anything there.
  9. ^ Yes, Alexandria19. LV don't charge for delivery, so if you return it unused and within their time frame for returns you'll get 100% of your money back. They include all the information for returns/exchanges with every purchase made.
  10. Thats good stuff!!!,I never even new you could get your money back, if I new that I would of returned my speedy 30 :cursing::rant:,How comes they dont do full refunds instore but yet they do on the websites?
  11. I just got a carryall although haven't received it yet. it is the only monogram bag I considered as i find it extremely convenient - it will be my replacement for an official workbag and useful for travel. I would also get it and if you get it off the website you could always return
  12. Iv just orderd one hun and im very excited :smile:.I love the monogram and all my other bags are in that design and I think alot of people reconize it more then the other ones.Yes same here it will be my new work bag as for right now im carrying the delightfull GM, im glad im able to return it if im not happy which I never even new you could do!I like the carryall because its a tad bit bigger then the speedy 40 and abit smaller then the keepall but has a keepall look to it....I cant wait :nuts: