Louis Vuitton shoes 'linked man to drug lab'

  1. A PAIR of designer shoes linked a luxury car dealer to the largest secret drug laboratory in Australia, a Sydney court has been told.

    In the committal hearing for Steven Wayne Spaliviero, 42, the crown alleged in Sydney's Central Local Court today that his DNA had been found on a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes found at a Riverstone factory following a fire.

    Mr Spaliviero is charged with knowingly taking part in the manufacture of a prohibited drug in not less than commercial quantities.

    Crown prosecutor Steve Higgins said the search of the Wellington Street factory revealed 40 kilograms of MDMA (ecstasy) and precursor chemicals in the process of being manufactured into ecstasy tablets. The drugs were worth $127 million, he said.

    Other items left behind at the factory included gardening gloves and the Louis Vuitton shoes that implicated Mr Spaliviero, Mr Higgins told the court.

    "Forensic testing of a number of items at the property, including a pair of shoes, provided a match with the DNA of the defendant,'' he said.

    False names

    As well as the DNA evidence allegedly linking Mr Spaliviero to the lab, the car dealer also allegedly used a false name, Peter Gray, to buy precursor chemicals three weeks before the discovery of the lab in November 2005.

    Mr Spaliviero also allegedly posed as John Matthews to purchase a variety of pieces of stainless steel lab equipment found at the factory, including condensers, boilers and mechanical sieves.

    Police were tipped off when fire crews attended the factory after receiving a triple-O call from neighbours who spotted smoke pouring from the building, Mr Higgins said.

    Under cross-examination, the chief investigating police officer, Detective Senior Constable Mandy Hancock, revealed firemen had spoken to a man at the factory who had directed them to the location of the fire and then disappeared.

    However, Ms Hancock said no-one who saw or spoke to that person later identified him as Mr Spaliviero.

    Defence lawyer, Stephen Shirrefs SC, said police had no evidence directly linking Mr Spaliviero to the factory on the night of the fire.

    "In terms of evidence, is there identification evidence which suggests Mr Spaliviero was at the factory on the night of the fire?'' Mr Shirrefs asked.

    "No, not in those terms,'' Constable Hancock replied.

    Mobile phone analyses

    She told the court Mr Spaliviero had been arrested a year after the lab was discovered, once police had obtained mobile phone analyses linking him with a phone used to buy the precursor chemicals, and samples of his DNA to compare with what they had found at the factory.

    A second suspect, Jeff Klower, whose fingerprints had been found on pill-presses in the factory, had eluded police and was believed to have left the country shortly after the fire, Constable Hancock said.

    Mr Klower allegedly used the alias of John Walker to organise the lease of the Wellington Street factory.

    The committal hearing, which began today, is expected to last up to three days before Magistrate Leslie Brennan.
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