Louis Vuitton & Self Tanner?

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  1. Haha ok so this might be a reallyy weird question, but I recently started using self tanner as it's winter and I'm not getting any sun. I always apply it before bed and take a shower in the morning before I get dressed for the day. Will self tanner darken vachetta if I carry a Louis that day?
  2. I would think if it is applied the day before and then you shower in the morning you should be okay. but... I would like to hear what others think too.
  3. I would be very careful even if you took a shower. I imagine that the tanning could transfer and stain the bag.
  4. I apply self tanning lotion before I go to bed and wash it off the next morning and I haven't had any problems. I've even carried white bags before with no rub-off, so you should be fine.
  5. I recently used the mystic tan before my trip to Diego and used my lv..they all were just fine...not too sure if you will have the same results. Different product, but i didn't think twice then..
  6. The bags are not against your bare skin. Like wearing a tank top. So you really should be fine
  7. Never hear of anyone having a problem with that...
  8. I live in Florida (tank top weather year round) and I've wore self tanner to make my skin darker for certain occasions whilst holding a bag with vachetta (brand new bag) against my bare skin and I didn't notice any difference with it.