louis vuitton seleya MM(Medium) damier with red vernis coin pouch

  1. is it roomy enough for a mum to be?
    i am keen on it as it looks like i can stuff things like diapers bottle etc.
    also was thinking of a red vernis pouch/keychain hanger to hang on the bag? how ould it look ... i refer that to a lv scarf as a bag accessory...
    any sother suggestions for a roomy bag or accessoryy..
  2. I love the Seleya. If you are looking for a Monogram I love the Batignolles. If you want to stay with the Damier I also like the Hampstead. I would also try posting in the LV forum andseeing what they say
  3. yes, i think it's larger enough. if it's not, then you can always buy the GM but this is huge IMO.
  4. hey radhika...i'm thinking of getting the saleya MM too!!:p.. with my 2 yr old gal and 1 more due in Oct....that's a great choice for mummies like us...:tup:..now how i do i convince my DH to lend me his credit card...:idea:
  5. More then large enough for a mommy :smile:
  6. That would look great. I like the damier as it doesn't have the vachetta to worry about and the Salaya closes which is nice. Red vernis looks fabulous on damier too!
  7. great size for a mommy.
  8. I think it's perfect. :yes:
  9. I would go with the Saleya GM.