Louis Vuitton Seasons Place Store Opening Party!

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  1. Hey guys, just a quick note to tell you that I had a VERY FANTASTIC time at the party. It was the best LV party I have ever been to as it was so grand!

    A bit dissapointed that I couldn't meet Zhang Zi Yi, because her bodyguards are too busy to protect her. She had SIX bodyguards... hahaha... no chance of me getting close..

    However, I was able to take some pics during the event which I will share with you guys tomorrow. It's late already and I have classes tomorrow morning at 8.30AM.. LOL!

    So sorry for this, but I hope you all can wait for few hours...

    BTW, they gave out VIP gifts!!!! MC Mini Photo Frame!!! Me and my bro got one each, we both are too excited to receive this. haha..

    Not sure if this is available for people to buy, because I know people can buy the normal monogram one.... Please correct me if I'm wrong..

    But even these MC Photo Frames are available to buy, they still have a priceless value to me because they are gifts from my first store opening party....

    Thanks all for reading, sorry for the long rant...

    Will write some more and post pics tomorrow...

  2. Can't wait to see pictures! I'm so happy for you! [​IMG]
  3. WOW!! you are so lucky!! I bet you had a ton of fun!! Can't wait to see pictures!!
  4. glad to hear you had a great time. i can't wait to see all the pics. do tell us more :nuts:
  5. SIX bodyguards. WOW! glad you had fun, can't wait to see pics!
  6. Glad to hear that you had fun :biggrin: can't wait for the pics!!
  7. i'm so jealous.. i want to go to an opening of a store ! can't wait to see pics
  8. Marvelous! You and your brother have a wonderful treasure to keep from your party :smile: So glad to hear of your wonderful time and am also looking forward to pictures!
  9. I can't wait to see pics!!! YEA! Congrats on being invited!
  10. wow. sounds like you had alot of fun. wish i could go to events like those. please post up lots of pictures when you get a chance!
  11. How wonderful... sounds like you had a great time!

    I can't wait to see pics of this MC photo frame, it must be adorable!
  12. WOW!!! Can't wait for your pics! Glad you had a blast!
  13. Glad you had a great time and got a great gift!!!!
  14. Sorry guys I didn't have time to post the report any earlier than this, please forgive me for making you wait this long. I hope your computers can display Chinese characters as I will type a few characters and explain the significant of these letters.

    Here we go....

    My friends all knew how excited I was to be able to attend the grand opening of a new Louis Vuitton store in Beijing. However, being there at the party myself got me HEAPS more excited - the whole experience was BEYOND words for sure!

    Last night’s event is definitely the most rewarding, exciting, and memorable experience of my life during my time here in Beijing. Before I arrived in China, I always thought that my life in China would be suck. I was even a little bit depressed back then. However, last night event (actually the whole LV experience in Beijing) has changed the way I view my time here in Beijing. I’m very happy that something that I truly like can bring so much fun and good memories - this is the main reason why I am so in love with Louis Vuitton!!

    Before coming to the event, I mentioned to some of my friends that I felt “insignificant” if I came to the event because everyone else who went was VERY rich and/or VERY famous. Definitely more than me for sure.

    When I arrived at the venue, I was right. Everyone else was so flashy with their dresses, bags, diamond watches, etc. However my SA and her manager were very accommodating even though they were very busy organising the event. My SA even picked me up from where I was dropped, then held my arm and walked me to the main entrance of the event. Everyone was watching, and I had to say that I felt special because no one else was treated that way. Hahahaha…

    Then my SA showed me to her manager, and she RECOGNISED me… I thought she would have forgotten me by now. I quickly thank her for inviting me and my brother to come to last night’s event.

    She then asked the guards to open the entrance for me and my brother, even though only people with black-coloured invites were supposed to go in first. Black-coloured invites were for movie stars, etc. Whites are for normal VVIP clients and mine was white.

    The security last night was very tight, everyone’s hand was stamped with a Chinese character that says “金” (Jin) using invisible ink. It means gold. Why?
    First, because the new shop is located on 金融大街 (Jin Rong Da Jie) or Financial Street.

    Secondly, the Chinese people believe that the word “Jin” means good fortune.
    Now I know why they have “Gold is the new Black” for their dresscode. Everything starts to make sense now LOL!

    Back to the party.. Before entering the store we were greeted by some ladies who gave out VVIP gifts to the guests. The manager earlier told me that the gifts were very limited, they only made 800 pieces specially for this event. The gifts they were giving out were the Black and White Multicolore photo frames. I specifically asked them to give me one white and one black for me and my brother.

    They only made 800 because the number 8 is a good number for the Chinese, the pronunciation of number "8" is similar to a word that means "to develop wealth".

    At first, I thought that these photo frames are available to buy but apparently Louis Vuitton only sells the normal Monogram one.

    Further more there are two characteristics that made these babies different than their monogram cousins.

    First of all, there is a writing on the inside part of the snap closure that says “北京 2007″ (Beijing 2007). That writing commemorates the city where the store is located and the year of the store opening.

    Secondly, there is an invisible stamping inside one of the photo frames that says “金”. Again this character has the same meaning as what I have written above.

    After receiving the gift, then we went inside the store…

    The store was REALLY packed, and I personally think that there were too many people inside there.

    I didn’t see Zhang Zi Yi (a bit dissapointed here!) - heard she had 6 bodyguards surrounding her. I saw a lot of people, but I didn’t recognise anyone there. I’m a bit dissapointed to see that not many people use their LVs, I only saw a couple of people had seasonal bags either from Spring/Summer 2007 collection or Fall/Winter 2007/08. In fact a lot of people were wearing stuff from other designer brands. LOL!

    In the store, there were some models wearing the Ready-to-Wear collections and the new bags. I also saw other new items on display such as the Trunk & Bag agenda and sunnies. I also saw two chess sets that cost like 185000 RMB, thats around AUD$28,000. I nearly had a heart attack after I saw the price tag. Hahhaha…
    Also saw this keyring that has the shape of a little LV suitcase.. that cost 4000 RMB+, that’s around AUD$600 and a bit more.

    I didn’t buy anything tonight, because I have no money left as I will be going on a trip in a couple of days to Tibet!

    The shop itself I think is pretty good but I still like the one at China World Shopping Mall. When you enter the shop, on the left hand side is the jewelry and watches section. Straight in front of the entrance is the women’s side, this section also has some bar stools. Near the women’s section, they also display the agenda covers, keyrings, and their fantasy jewelries. On the right hand side of the shop is the men’s section. This shop has everything except the Ready-to-Wear collection.
    The highlight of the store is that very expensive chess set. Made me drool and had a heart attack at the same time. LOL!

    After about an hour inside the store, we then moved to the party upstairs on the fifth floor of the mall. I think it was a function room which they decorated into a bar with a HUGE blue Louis Vuitton screensaver on the wall. I was this close to ask them if I can get a copy of the screensaver for my Macbook Pro. LOL!

    They served more drinks and food (including the famous Peking Duck!!!) there, the music was very loud! They also had an acrobatic show in the middle of the room. We didn’t stay too long at this party because it was late and we have class in the morning.

    A lot of people were taking photos during the event, so I guess we were allowed. Then we also started doing what other people are doing. Hahaha… So happy that we could take pics, first time taking a photo inside a LV store.. [​IMG]

    I also recorded a short movie at the party using my camera, so you all can hear the music and see the acrobatic show. But I have to figure out how to do post the movie first.. hahaha....

    Now time to show some pics…

    Me and my bro near the entrance

    Me in front of the new shop

    In front of one of the shop's windows

    Inside the new shop

    Outside the mall

    The VVIP gifts - Multicolore Photo Frame

    OK... Sorry it's a very long report, I was just too happy.

    I hope you enjoy reading the report as much as I enjoyed the party last night.
  15. I am happy just reading this and seeing your smiling face and picss!
    Thanks for the TREAT!
    Safe travels !