Louis Vuitton Saumur Crossbody Review

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    I am continuing my series on my take on vintage Louis Vuitton bags. As I said, I own a consignment shop so see different examples. I hope this will help:

    Today, I would like to go over Saumur crossbody, which is one of my favorite vintage LV crossbody bags.
    Photo Apr 14, 4 23 43 AM.jpg Photo Feb 29, 9 08 57 AM.jpg
    Basics- Shape & Size:
    In terms of shape, Saumur has a saddle-like shape with very spacious double-sided compartments. Also, it has buckle closures, brown canvas interiors, double-sided compartments, and an adjustable leather strap.

    In terms of size, this bag used to come in size 30, 35, & 42. And now it comes in MM or GM. And with double pocket, it fits a lot; this bag has a spacious storage space comparable to Speedy 30.

    Photo Aug 26, 3 16 17 AM.jpg
    In terms of accessibility, this bag has some difficulties. Its buckle closure makes it hard for people to get in and out of the bag. It takes us around 5 sec to unbuckle and open the bag. But you can just not fully tuck in the leather to save time.
    Also, it’s two-sided compartments can make things complicated. You would need to make sure you organize your stuff well to keep all important stuff outward facing compartments.
    However, this accessibility issue is compensated by its amazing storage space & two compartments that can help you organize your items.

    In terms of maintenance, we would confidently say that Saumur is one of the easiest bags to maintain. This bag is sturdy and strong ready for any tasks ahead. (Just watch out for watermarks just like any other monogram bags).

    Photo Feb 10, 2 24 15 AM.jpg Photo Jan 27, 5 00 13 PM.jpg
    Price/Resale Tips:
    In terms of price, this bag costs $1,600 before taxes at the LV store brand new. If you buy it from the resale market, its resale price will range from low $500 to mid-$700 depending on its condition.

    If you are looking to buy Saumur in resale market, watch out for cracks in the strap, darkened closure strap, and musky smell from the interior canvas.

    Photo Sep 22, 3 09 56 PM.jpg
    Summary of Saumur:
    I personally think Saumur is a super spacious & classic travel/daily bag if you are okay with buckle opening.

    GUYS- Feel free to add on. also, would love to see how you guys style Saumur too.

    (In case you use my content, please tag me @ccmalden)
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  2. I have Saumur from 1995. Its a great travel bag. It holds alot. I agree about how it does take quite awhile to get into the bag but I always feel more secure when Im traveling with it. Great bag. Thanks for the review.
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  3. Thanks for reading! it is amazing a bag! Even after 25+years; it remains so sturdy!!
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