Louis Vuitton SA's....Hottness Watch!

  1. Ladies,
    I have noticed that LV SA's are usually attractive people...has anyone else noticed this?...there is one SA at my local store and he is just dreamy :girlsigh:. He works at the Neimans LV in Tysons Galleria...

    Where are your hot SA's located? :yes:
  2. I shop there too....I bet I know who you are talking about. I can't think of his name off the top of my head, but he is very flirty and nice. :yes:
  3. I do not agree about the sa in the store i go to. Man, it'll be great if there was one
  4. Ha! I should be so lucky! Though I have noticed they have fabulously posh names.
  5. I don't find this to be necessarily true......I'm too busy looking at BAGS than to be scoping out SAs, lol !!!!!!!!
  6. Well my store is in Hawaii and all the SAs who work there are the most adorable little Asian ladies- a lot with very heavy accents. In other stores I haven't really noticed that they're abnormally attractive- seems to always be a mix of Asian and white women of all ages with an occasional debonair guy. Some of the women on the H board think my SA at Hermes SF is cute though lol :p
  7. LOL! That's so funny... but no, I don't think they are all un-attractive... I just notice they are either very young (teens-early 20's), or they are very mature (early 40's)... lol..
  8. Haha, this thread is hilarious!

    I think, as long as they are nice and willing to help, Im happy!
  9. Some of them are...not all. I agree with Sophia that if they're nice and helpful then I'm a happy customer!
  10. Mine aren't!
  11. The men that I've seen working in LV are very handsome... but some of the ladies... not so much. They seem to hire a lot of women who are just pissy and unapproachable.
  12. I'd be more apt to say the opposite.
  13. Nope, not where I shop...no hotties. Just very polite & helpful people. But like someone else said...maybe I'm too busy looking at the hot bags!!
  14. Never thought about that. The bags get my full attention ( anyway, I am happily married for the past 15 years :love:).
  15. LOL! We are definitely not shopping at the same LVs!:lol: