Louis Vuitton Sale

  1. I just went to Louis Vuitton and they are having a sale, I got 5 bags all at half price...OMG Im so happy !!!! :yahoo: I will post pics soon !!!
  2. wha? I thought LV had no sales? are you pulling our collective leggies?

  3. Im just taking pics, OMG I got a reporter bag, a damier geant loup, Speedy for my mum, a mage and a keepall 50 in Damier
  4. I am assuming this is a joke.
  5. April fool's? :confused1:
  6. :p
  7. :roflmfao: :rolleyes:
  8. Yeah, Steve you're a little late....we've been april fools doused this morning
  9. Socialite, you need more practise! ;)

    Nice try babe!
  11. once again, I am sloooooowwww!:sleepy:

    I need a helmet.
    I need to ride the "special bus".
  12. In all our dreams ;)
  13. I forgot it was April fools day..:lol: Good thing i'm skeptical!
  14. april fool's? LV never goes on sale:hrmm:
  15. Is it a joke, too? Such Denim Patchwork recall? :lol: