louis vuitton riviera

I just saw this on eluxury.com for the first time - its GORGEOUS! Does anyone have one? I would so love to see it on someone! I wish I had the money for this beauty. If I did, I'd get it in red :heart:3

I looked at this in comparison to the passy pm and prefered the passy pm. It is very structured and quite hard, not really a great day/work bag IMHO BUT if it suits your needs then go for it:biggrin:
i was about to say its like a reinvented brikin but u guys beat me to it, i adore the colour, red bieng so bold ur bound to be noticed on ur bag alone, im a bit bias towards it cos red is my fav colour! If i were a girl it would be the kind of bag for me as it is a classic (brikin) that is reinvented, my style is classical with a modern- updated edge and thats what i look for in all my purchases e.g. im going to get a caryall instead of a keepall, i just bought a burberry scarf in nova as aposse to the classical etc
since i started this thread in january, i bought the red riviera. i do love it- i actually use it to carry my laptop and files, etc, back and forth to the office. it comes with a luggage tag that is personalized too! the SA tells me it was designed as a makeup bag, but it certainly has many other functions!