Louis Vuitton Riviera owners? Advice!

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if there were any lucky ladies on this forum who own this purse. It was made just in epi, as far as I know. I only found one thread on this in search, but didn't want to bring it up from the grave (as it was made in 2006) and it didn't ask or answer my question!

    I'm sorry I couldn't find a picture online, and this bag seems to be retired. It was considered luggage. But I was wondering if you could carry it over your shoulder, and if it fit comfortably there. Does anyone have any pictures? Do you think this could be used as a book-bag in school?

    Thanks all for your responces!
  2. have you looked in the clubhouse for pic's ?
  3. I think the Riviera was a briefcase type and cannot be worn on the shoulder. It has been retired a couple of years ago. I didn't think it was a popular bag.
  4. Thanks ladies for your responces! Unforuntately, the one I'm looking at isn't good for all year long because of the color.
  5. It was made only in epi for the permanent line but they did do a special order mono version of it! I would like a black one of these, I think there are a couple members that have it here! i remember seeing some action shots in the in action thread a few months back try searching there it was a red one btw