Louis Vuitton Riveting Limited edition or not?

  1. I have heard different things. Is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Riveting bag a limited edition or not? :shrugs: Eluxury told me that it will be part of their regular line. The eBay listings all say limited edition. However, I see eBay listings that say "rare" also and they usually are not rare, nor limited.
    What is the real story here? I've wanted to get one and ordered the Batignolles Horizontal from elux last week. I love it and will keep it unless I could find a riveting soon.:confused1: TIA.
  2. I'm not sure about the monogram canvas one, but the lambskin is limited and is a part of the spring collection. Take a look on louisvuitton.com . I don't know how fast it'll sell out though, there's still one in store here.
  3. When you go into the website and get the list of what to pick the lambskin one is down as Spring collection so I think that it is seasonal. The mono version has been added to the mono canvas section so that would lead you to think that it is perm. but they did the same thing with the mono stephen and that has gone now, so I think they are both seasonal bags.

    Call your local stores I think the riveting are pretty easy to find in store
  4. I can't go to a local store. The nearest one is 160 miles away, so have to get from eluxury or eBay, I guess. I'm jealous of those of you who can walk in and pick out the bag you want. Whenever I go, it has to be a planned trip for the day.:sad: So, if the Monogram riveting will be around awhile, that will let me save up the funds for it and let me keep my BH:rolleyes: Wonder if the calling LV will tell me whether it is truly limited or not. I just thought that the PF'rs would know first!

  5. I think that the lambskin is limited as well.. not sure about the mono
  6. The mono is seasonal

  7. I was told seasonal also.:yes:
  8. When I bought mine, I was told it was seasonal.
    Call 866 and maybe they can locate one for you and have it shipped. There were a few on elux this past weekend.
  9. Well, darn it. I was out of town and had limited time to check eluxury:cursing: Geez. Someone put one in their eluxury cart and then PM me pls:yes: I'm getting frustrated.
    Thanks for the responses.
  10. The lambskin is definitely limited Edition & I think the mono is seasonal.
  11. The Riveting was on elux this morning....
  12. :yahoo: Yippee. I got one this morning. :yahoo: A friend in Florida was watching for me and she emailed me. She put one in her cart and luckily I opened up my emails early. I then snagged one in my cart!
    After I put my riveting bag in my cart, I tried to click on it again to get the dimensions, and it said "sorry there are none available". So...there were only 2 available. My friend released her cart after I completed the purchase.

    And, the agent told me that this bag will be seasonal. Whatever seasonal really means?:confused1:
  13. I have this bag and I love it! I was put on the wait list and they called me as soon as it came it. I was originally going to purchase the white lambskin but I wasn't too sure if I could do a bag with so much rivets all over the place. I'm just as confused as you...I guess seasonal is sorta kinda the same as limited?
    Nonetheless, I think you'll be very happy with this bag...Congratulations:cutesy:
  14. I got the mono riveting & it's by far my favorite LV, as a matter of fact, I'm not the least bit interested in any bags lately!