Louis Vuitton Riveting Black

  1. Hi,

    Im new here and have a question!

    My hubby just bought me the LV Riveting Black bag and am trying to figure out where he bought it. It was shipped by LV themselves but he took off the city/address as he is trying for me to figure it out... (he is pretty weird like that). He gave me one day to figure it out and wanted to see if you bag guru's could be of help.

    Searched on google and came around this forum, so Its my first post, however love that bag although have numerous others but needed a nice black one, this one should do.

    Anyone else have this bag??
  2. there's no special code for each store on a tag attached to the bag if that's what you're wondering{?}

    I'll move this to our Louis Vuitton Forum for you now. . . .
  3. You might want to ask this in the Louis Vuitton subforum. Many of the people there know everything there is to know about LV, and if an answer can be found, they will know!
  4. I believe if you call 866-VUITTON they can help you with this. I think they can look up your purchases.. hope this helps!
  5. Confused! I will assume he bought it from Louis Vuitton, perhaps Elux, why do you care which store it came from?
    Its a great bag, nice gift.. use it and enjoy it :smile:

  6. have fun!
  7. The Black Riveting Bag is amazing.

    One of the best, girl, dont worry about where he bought it from, but just wear it in good health!

    Youll love it, cause i do! hehe, :heart:
  8. I used to have one, but I returned it to the LV in San Francisco. It was in perfect condition, but I was afraid of lambskin - I hope you enjoy the beautiful bag!
  9. Gosh, how lucky! it is my dream bag but I will never have one!!!
  10. awww... How sweet! Gorgeous bag with a secret! Congrats! Wear it in good health!
    Welcome to tPF!:flowers:
  11. Hi you are so lucky I bought the Ecru & now wish I had got the black, congrats!