Louis Vuitton review area

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  1. I liked the idea of having a review area that can help everybody decide wich bag or accesorie will be just right for them. What are the pros and cons of a bag? I see this question all the time. So tell us everything about your louis and be crytical
  2. Tnx fellow dutchie but i think this is mostly negative i also want it to be about what size speedy would be good for who instead of the 25 is to small...or atleast i hope so
  3. I will start because i'm not sure if i'm making sense.

    Pochette wallet

    I really love my pochette wallet because it fit's so much and i love the look. It is really a functional wallet. It doesn't fit in a pochette that easily so you have to use a seperate wallet in a pochette. Also the zipper pul tends to not stick out but goes to the wrong side, when you close the wallet it makes it bulky. In general the wallet is very slim. The zipper is also for right handed people wich i'm not