Louis Vuitton Repairs

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  1. Hi. Am having a horrible time with Louis Vuitton repairs. I bought a limited edition bag in 2006 that was used very little and the bag broke in 2008. It was sent to France to be repaired and I put the bag away and only used it on special occasions. Since then, I've probably used it a total of five times.

    A few weeks ago, I took the bag out and it broke again. Louis Vuitton says that the bag cannot be fixed by them and is suggesting I take it elsewhere for repairs. I find this infuriating. Why would a third party be able to fix a bag better than them?

    Anyone else have this experience? How was the situation resolved?

    This was a very expensive bag back in 2006 and I feel like it's garbage now.
  2. What bag is this and what broke?
  3. It was from the Olympla collection. I think the bag was called the Cirus. It was otherwise known as the cloud collection.

    The frame of the bag came away from the chain and they won't reattach it.
  4. Would they have to replace some of the hardware? If so, that might be why they can't repair the bag. Once the company runs out of hardware or leather for a particular type of bag, the bag can no longer be repaired. That is often an issue with more limited collections after a few years.
  5. I have all the parts.
  6. Then there must be another reason. It's hard to tell on here obviously without pics and details.