Louis Vuitton Ready-to-wear?

  1. personally, i love lv clothing. i always look forward to fashion week! while i only have a few pieces myself, i was wondering if some of you ladies here buy lv clothing too?
    or do you stick strictly to bags and other accessories?
  2. Hi,

    I'm not a lady but my partner (guy) and I have a huge collection of LV clothing/shoes. In fact he is head to toe LV today - polo shirt, jeans, belt,shoes, watch.

    I just have LV shoes on today.

    Like all LV the quality and style is beautiful.

    I love being in head-to-toe LV - no one usually knows its LV but I do and thats what I enjoy - the luxury of it for myself,not to show-off!!
  3. umm.. no... I can't afford clothes too at the same time as bags and accesories LOL!
  4. I would if I could, lol.
  5. On the mens line the clothes are usually not really my style, so no. Also LV clothing isen't available where I live so it's a long shot. I'd be interested in som ejeans though and maybe also some of the srping 2008 collection which I thought was ok. Frankly I think designers like Miuccia Prada, alexander McQueen and Antonio Marras are a bit more interesting at the moment.

    The girls clothes however are usually really really good.
  6. personally, i've not found their RTW clothing to be my style.....clothing is not their forte, luggage and baggage are.
  7. I agree .
  8. I love LV clothing but it is too expensive for me!
  9. I stick to bags, shoes, belts, sunglasses and other accessories. It would be too expensive to always be head to toe. Also- it becomes a bit boring. Jeans and H & M looks great with LV if you ask me!
  10. lv ready to wear is so well crafted, i wish it was sold here at my boutique. if it was i'm sure i'd have a lot more of it- but i guess its a blessing that its not. that way i can justify having more handbags and shoes!
  11. I have a trench coat, a couple of sweaters, a Graffiti tshirt (which is a women's promotional item anyway), a shirt and they are all very well crafted pieces. Some of it is rather boring and some of it too over the top but in between there are a few nice pieces.