Louis Vuitton RAOK Reveal !!!

  1. *can a mod please sticky this*

    So thanks so Stefania we have a lovely RAOK and here you can reveal your gifts and cards :nuts:

    Today I got my 1st card :nuts: and I love the le fabuleux ! thankyou to whoever sent me this :flowers:

  2. oh wow .... people are quick! .... I really need to get going :p

    Congrats on being the 1st :yes:
  3. EEK!!! that was quick I am still thinking and assembling.....

    Cute Card Steve!!!

    Yay for your buddy!!!!
  4. what is RAOK?
  5. Random acts of kindness, read the RAOK thread. Its basically members sending eachother gifts :flowers:
  6. WOW! That is so adorable. I have been thinking of gifts for my buddy, and how to spread them out over time. I will not get a chance to go shopping for a few more days!
  7. Wow... I could never draw a bag that accurate :nuts:
  8. ditto! i only have one thing to start. i am trying to find the "ONE" good gift to send! i am paying CLOSE attention though!
  9. wow fast! that's such a cute card, great looking le fab. Still need to go shopping and figure out how to spread them out. I have many ideas already though!
  10. I'm hopefully going shopping this weekend :biggrin: I'm still a bit unsure about what to buy though, but I hope I'll come up with something good
  11. Going shopping this weekend, have all these ideas in my head.
  12. I know! I have to get things done too! Atleast we have some time...
  13. WOW Steve....gorgeous card!!!!!!!! That was so quick! Hmmmmmm...I wonder who your 'buddy' is...whoever he/she is...is veyr organized and thoughtful!
  14. ^^^ Awwww, this is sooooo original! I love it! Watch out LV - you've got some creative designers here on the PF ! :yes:
  15. awww shoot I need to start shopping!