Louis Vuitton Quits America's Cup

  1. by Reuters

    So I guess this means no more cup items?
  2. i cant say im disapointed, i never liked the cup items
  3. Oh my this has really shocked me. I thought it was a tradition of Louis Vuitton.
  4. wow!!!! we were just talking aobut this today. wonder if those lapel pins willgo high on eBay? i kid i kid!
  5. Woah. Hm Well i didn't like the Cup items but yea i sort of thought of it as a kind of tradition for them.
  6. yay no more ugly LV Cup items, they where really low in crafstmanship especially the past collection..."don't hit me"
  7. I know someone who competes for the Prada team in the Vuitton Cup and he said it will be quite a change as they were a huge force in this series as a sponser, but as he said things change. I wonder who will step in?
  8. ^
    Personally, I'm more excited to see where LVs money goes after this. And what type of collection, if any, will fill the void of the cup collection. The men't selection will be smaller if they don't do anything different.
  9. thank God, never really liked the bags, the accessories/scarfs are nice but thats it. The bags usually look cheap, odd ones are nice :-[
  10. Interesting, I never liked the items but was always kind of excited when they participated.
  11. Then perhaps the current collection will go on to be a collectors piece it's the final one, LV history in the making
  12. I'm glad my boyfriend was able to get the Cup 06 tie before they announced this!
  13. this is quite a big deal !
  14. guess most of the guys in tPF will be upset..?
  15. I think the LV Cup is separate from America's Cup, it is a qualifying race for the America's Cup...correct me if i'm wrong, but I think they are 2 separate entities but are tied together. Don't worry, I hear Rolex is the contenter to replace LV for the America's cup.....I doubt LV will stop making their annual items....