Louis Vuitton quality control...???

  1. Does anyone know, when an item is returned to LV, do they send the item to quality control to make sure it is authentic... or does just the manager look at it and put it back on the shelf???:confused1:

    This kinda has to do with the whole 'super fakes':crybaby:
  2. Would you care to elaborate? Because usually things returned to the boutique are checked in the wrapping area before the store will issue a credit for refund on credit card or exchange. They don't issue any of the above without prior examination of the return.
  3. I know in the LV trivia thread someone said b4 an item is released it is put through a crazy rigourus quality test. Robots shake the bags ect.

    But SAs check all bags exermly well b4 they can be returned.
  4. I exchanged a mono speedy 30 at the Kind of prussia store after purchasing it the previous night at the short hills store. (there were some wrinkles in the vachetta on the handles)
    The SA did not even look at my receipt and just placed the bag back in the drawer and took out some others for me to look at.

    She may have been confused because a few days before that I was there w/ my mom and that same SA helped us while my mom purchased her first mono speedy 30. Maybe she remembered us and assumed I was exchanging that mono speedy that we just purchased? (I doubt it though b/c my mom was w/ me, brand new speedy in hand, filled to the max)

    I am getting scared now about super fakes. Hopefully they did some more inspection once I left.
  5. I doubt if the SAs really look at the bags that are returned. Yes, I am sure some of them do inspect the bag, but for the majority, I don't think they do.
  6. Sorry, I didn't make myself clear... After reading what happened to Classic Chic, carrying a fake bag for 4 years... I though if an SA deemed it authentic, if a fake bag was returned with a receipt from a real purchase, and the SA said ya it was real and took it back in put it in the drawer, and then sold it to the next customer, they would have a fake bag... So, what I am asking is, if someone returnes an item, the SA looks over it then issues the refund or whatever... do they send the bag back to LV qulity control to look at the bag and confirm it is 100% authentic or do they just but it back on the shelf and resell it??? If only and SA looks over it and maybe a manager, they could take back a fake bag...meaning you or me could have bought it!!!

    Hope I made everything clear!!! sorry for any misunderstandings!:yes:
  7. the last time I exchanged something at LV, they never even asked to see my receipt.
  8. probably not. why would they give your money back if they werent done with everything.
  9. This story makes me even scared of owning a fake even if you buy in the boutique only
  10. At my boutique you have to have a receipt or be on there records.
  11. i was able to exchange a bag bought from elux to the boutique and they didn't even give me an exchange/return receipt.
  12. This is a very rare occurence. I honestly wouldn't worry about fakes in the stores...they have basically all your info anyway and know where to get ahold of you, should you try to pull one over on them.
    I'm sure they have ways of making sure their returns are all authentic that they don't let the general public know..they can't reveal EVERYthing. Even the date codes are supposed to be a secret (I know they aren't here on TPF, but ask an SA and they won't tell you how to interpret them).