Louis Vuitton Purchases For Men? Yay I Got Avatar/Sig

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2010
    Still pretty new to the site, yay I have avatars and signatures now :biggrin:

    Since I am still pretty young and you're all Louis V masters, maybe you can help me with what LV is great for men? :smile:

    I have a monogram wallet, although I really like the Damier Graphite.

    I like the look of the messenger bags also but I would be so scared to use it hehe!

    Im always up for a chat on here or msn also x
  2. I think the Brooklyn's a gorgeous bag for men, no Vachetta to worry about, handfree and very stylish!
  3. I'll go check it out, cheers babe x
  4. Oooh that is pretty hot!

    I love all the messenger bags! I checked them out on the website after I saw Peter Andre's haha x
  5. Welcome Jorgey! a new handsome guy is always welcome on tpf! I think the graphite messenger is a great choice, also I do occasionally see the LV lapel pin on ebay.
  6. Well, im a guy but you can decide the handsome part ;)

    Yeah, someone linked me to an auction in the shopping forum but in the description it says it measures 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch. I always thought they were a bit bigger. And the pictures on the item dont seem amazingly shiny, but that could be the camera.

    What do you think?

    "Genuine Authentic Louis Vuitton brass lapel pin. NOT AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN STORES!!! Part of employee uniform. 1/2 inch X 1/2 inch. Pinch back clasp for secure fit on shirt, jacket, handbag, etc."


  7. looks good but of course depends on the price~
  8. Of course *watches the bidding!*
  9. Erghhh, there's so many pretty things.

    I need to find me a rich girlfriend!
  10. my bf loves damier graphite=) what about the daniel messenger bag? i think that looks cute on guys=)
  11. i agree with heychar on the Brooklyn!

    and Welcome to tPF!:salute:
  12. welcome!! You have so many options. What do you want? Maybe a bosphore backpack for school. They are really nice.
    Scott.cs has one in his collection thread.
  13. You won't find real LV pin. What are on ebay are all fakes.

    Great bag: Keepall 55.
    try to match pattern. Like mono&damier ebene, graphite&epi/taiga.
  14. I'm a guy too, and I LOVE daniel and brooklyn!
    Feel free to PM me and add me on msn :smile:
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