Louis Vuitton Purchase

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  1. I have $1300 in a gift card and want to buy an lv. I don't know what to buy. i can add little bit on top of the gift card. I have the small trevi and the Batignolles Horizontal. I was thinking of either the speedy 30 or 35 in the damier or get the saleya mm. please help. thanks.

    p.s. suggestions are appreciated.
  2. I like your choices, but I REALLY LOVE THE GALLIERA
  3. I have the Saleya MM and really like it. I like its structure. But I carry a bunch of stuff around with me for work.

    If you're looking for more of a true "purse", I like the Galleria also. Or an Epi speedy?
  4. Since it's a gift ... go with one you love, but wouldn't buy if you were the one paying for the whole thing. A gift should be something you would not buy for yourself - make the best of it!
  5. speedy 35! could be wrong but i *believe* the saleya is now discontinued. try to call 866 vuitton to check if you are interested in this bag
  6. Get an Artsy!! The MM is just $100 more than you have, plus it holds about the same as a Speedy 35 :biggrin:
  7. Speedy 35! I have it in Mono, and it's my favorite bag!
  8. I'm totally going to go left field and say get a nice piece of luggage! I'm a sucker for LV luggage and love to travel, but I feel like anyone could appreciate a Keepall :smile: But a speedy is so iconic, I think you'll really enjoy a Speedy 35...I need to get that myself!
  9. galliera!!!
  10. The speedy would be great to add to your collection (especially in epi). Plus you'd have enough to get a charm.
  11. Out of the two handbag you mentioned, I would go for the damier speedy 30! If you are going to the boutique I would also take a look at the Galliera and maybe the Artsy as well, both are gorgeous bags, different from the speedy and not in damier, but gorgoeus! Good luck with your decision and have fun at LV!
  12. Damier speedy 30 =]
  13. Speedy
  14. id get 2 speedies different sizes and colors lol. im more bags for your money kinda gal!
  15. Maybe something in azur and ebene. They are sooo nice!! I love the red inside the ebene and the azur is perfect for summer and spring.