Louis Vuitton Prices????????

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  1. Hi everyone.... I recently out of curiousity went to the LV website and was absolutely STUNNED to find the prices below $300! MEGA SALE. I am wondering WHEN in the WORLD LV lowered their prices? I remember it beling $1,000 and UP for LV bags. Now they seem to have gone W A Y down....MUCH more affordable....for most but not for me--YET. <whines> It's not the pricing--I don't have appropriate inceome to be spending $269 on a handbag. :sad: But anyway.... anybody know when they started lowering the prices? Ebay is still selling LV way too high of a cost....(Ditto to COACH but I won't go into that here as wrong thread, lol).

    Thanks so much to anyone who can shed some light on this....I am still reeling from shock. I mean... LV is one of the oldest handbag houses in France/Europe.


    (Mods if this is posted wrong please feel free to move and notify me thx).
  2. i'm not sure which ones you're talking about. LV did go through a price adjustment where some saw a decrease. but it was minor decreases though ($100 and less). the prices are pretty much in the same range as before.
  3. what website did u g o on cause im thinking u werent on their site
    there bag prices r pretty much the same
  4. ^^^ I was thinking the same thing... are you sure you didn't accidentally go to louisevuitton.com? :lol:
  5. The (official) website has had some problems, so if you see bags for $300 then that's an error among many other problems :P

    But I believe you might have come across a site selling fake bags with LV's pictures?
  6. I agree with everyone above....somethings not right.
  7. OMG!!!!! This sounds wrong on so many levels!!!!!!
  8. did we find out what happened?
  9. was it euros? My bfs mom asked me the same thing the other day, but we was at like louisvuittonstore.com or something, then when I re-directed her she had it in euros.
  10. Wow
  11. I'm thinking the OP stumbled upon a website that sells fake LVs? I mean, the OPs wish list in the siggie lists a Neo "Gabby" GM....
    Check out more of the LV subforums Deaf. There is a plethora of information there - you will learn a lot and avoid getting taken for a ride.
  12. OK. First of all....It LOOKED to me to be the genuine website. Its late and I need to go to bed but if if you ladies will bear with me, will post the links tomorrow. ALL my $$ is in US Dollars on my computer. AND I did google it and same sites came up....it is also possible somehow they were hacked and being redirected to a "fake" site without their knowledge. Who knows. Anyhoo will post the sites as soon as I have time. THis way if its NOT legitmate, it can be reported and all of that.

    Curious does anybody feel like all the designer bags are a bit overpriced? I mean its like paying for a name instead of paying for a bag. THis is just my opinion. I DO agree that workmanship etc comes into play--but at the same time I feel they OVERprice it....just wish designers would make it possible for EVERY level of income to be able to afford a good, well made, built to last forever handbag. I think we ladies are entitled. :smile:
  13. baginthefoot... just a fyi.. please don't call me "Deaf". My friends and family call me Eskie or Le. I am deaf and that is a bit of an insult. Sorry....

    Keep in mind people....when a member is a newbie...the signature may have some info that is not fully correct. And yes while the other forums may have a plethora of info, I have sleep disorders and MANY healt problemls and cannot sit all day with my visual limitations to wade thru ALL of it. So that is why I so appreciate responses from PF memabers. It helps me a LOT.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  14. sorry. that is part of your screen name - I just shortened it for times sake. I have no way of knowing you are deaf so how could I have insulted you knowingly? it was just a friendly gesture on my part.

    also, its bagnshoofetish, not baginthefoot....;)
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    there are a LOT of threads that discuss this issue to death. I will list some for you so you can read those responses and chime in if you wish.




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