Louis Vuitton Prices

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  1. Have they gone up? The Speedy 30 is $700 now and I could have sworn it was $620 not long ago.... Is there EVER a sale on LV at Eluxury, Saks, etc? Thanks!
  2. Yes they have gone up and I personally don't think I've ever seen them on sale...I know a few people have been able to use reward certs/gc type things to get a discount...but otherwise I haven't seen one.

    LV usually goes up every few months, but lately the price jumps have been getting big.
  3. Unfortunately, LV is NEVER on sale, ANYWHERE. The only place you can get them for cheaper is on ebay (but make sure you get it authenticated it first!!!) I haven't checked on prices recently, but yes, prices do increase every once in a while.
  4. Yes, prices have gone up and continue to go up. LV never goes on sale, even on eLuxury.

    I was able to use points on my Amex to "buy" $300 of gift cards for Bloomingdales, and my local Bloomie's has an LV boutique. The boutique accepted my gift cards so that's how I was able to save money on my latest LV.
  5. Oh, I also forgot to mention that LV "boutiques" in department stores are leased spaces that are not really a part of the the store, so LV is excluded from any store promotions (i.e. opening up a credit card, any codes/coupons, etc.)
  6. Yes LV had a price increase on Aug 19. If you live outside of CA or TN if you order your LV from Eluxury you don't pay sales tax.
  7. I believe this is the 4th price increase for LV this year.
  8. Geez...
  9. LV does keep upping its prices, much like Tiffany & Co. I remember buying that stupid heart charm bracelet for $125!

    The only LV discounts happen once a year to ONLY employees, AND it is overstock/previous season. If you are really desperate for a discount, you need to make good friends with one of their sales associates.
  10. I have never seen an LV sale for as long as I've known.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.