Louis Vuitton Price Rise 9% higher on monogram bags?

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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    Accourding to the latest reports Louis Vuitton are now raising the price's of there monogram collection and other leather goods due to the shortage and preparing for the Christmas rush.The increase will be of between 0% and 9%, depending on the bag.
    The move also comes a fortnight after Louis Vuitton decided to close Parisian shops an hour early to conserve stock in the run-up to Christmas, while analysts believe the decision was made to bridge the gap between Asian prices and those in European countries in which the euro is not the currency.
    The luxury brand has taken the measure because of rises in material prices such as leather and cotton, three months after issuing a 2% price increase in July.They (Louis Vuitton) admitted last week they had a pricing gap problem, with Japan and China too high vs Europe,” said luxury goods analyst Luca Solca at Bernstein in London.
    What do we all think of this?Will it put us off buying the bags in the future or will we all stay commited to buying the Louis Vuitton brand?Even the Artsy GM has gone up from £1000 to £1040!Now I dont no weather ALL bags will be more expensive as for iv just seen the speedy 30 drop down to its orignal price of £415 so now im confused.Im sure we will all see the proper prices tommorow.My carryall which iv purchesed was £775 and has now dropped down to £770 and the keepall 45 with no strap is now £600!Now me personaly I will stay commited because it is one of the top brands and you do get what you pay for but im sure maybe a few people may have a diffrent opinion.
  2. *sigh* it put me one step further away from my "must have" bag. i been wanting the stresa pm and the price went from £855 to £880. the delight went up £5. is this a permanent thing or just for the holiday season?
  3. I no it is terrible.I really did want the Artsy but its now put me off, and to no my bag has droped by £5 does annoy me at the fact I could of got my self a decent sandwich :amuse: I pray its not perminent but I do no leather ect has gone up therefor because its obviusly going to be expensiver for them to buy we will have to take part in the price aswell.It may just be for the holiday period to put people off so they can regain more stock possibly...We'll just have to watch and let it destroy our souls for abit :sad:
  4. Last night I noticed a small increase on both the Vernis clés and MC clés (£5 each) on the UK site.
  5. Iv noticed that some bags have gone up and some have dropped.Its the main bags which everyone buys which are going to have a massive uprise.For the keepall 60 with a strap there now £800.I cant belive how much the 45 has gone up tho, im sure they were £545 or just abit more then that :oh:
  6. The Icare is now £1000 :wondering

  7. Seeing as how there hasn't really been a price increase in a while, chances are, it's permanent. On rare occasions, as they did about a year or so ago, they lower the prices on some of the items. They did this with the Speedy, by lowering the price about $10, from what I remember .
  8. Oh NO! My wishlist is too long. Have the US prices gone up yet?
  9. I personally think LV is doing some bad business. I feel like they have come up with some self-imposed shortage and now are raising the prices and changing hours to create some panic. Bad business in my opinion and has really put me off from purchasing.
  10. Tis very weird how some have gone up and some gone down :shrugs:
  11. #11 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    Yes they did put the speedys up I think it was after January this year or they may have dont it again in the past.I brought a speedy 30 on the 27th of that month and I payed £415 and then I think it was about 1 or 2 month after they then raised it to £435 and now they put it down to £415 again, I dont no weather it will hit the uk more price wise because our currency and exchange rate is more expensive then yours but I think you may pay abit more tax on the bags, im not sure how it works but to buy them in france out of all the countries is cheaper because thats were most of the work shops are allocated.
    I dont really like how Louis Vuitton arnt saying much on the situation because there are ALOT of people commited in buying lots of bags from the designer and as one we are ment to put out trust in them when we purchese and even tho were hearing all these rumors they wont set it straight about whats happaning.Im not sure what the amercian prices are saying but in england the prices have actually gone up a fair bit.
    I will always purchese from LV but I do think what there doing even tho the matrials which they use for every bag has gone up I just dont find it right as a customer that there not telling there customers what is actually going on and what the situation it.At the end of the day were the ones who are keeping the designer going we have all right to no whats going on.
  12. Personally it doesn't affect me that much since I've stopped buying monogram pieces.
  13. Howcomes youv stoped buying the design?Its not only the monogram its happaning to other lines aswell.
  14. wow I'm anxious to see the US price increase
  15. Phew....i am glad that i got my mono idylle speedy alrd. Initially wanted to wait for next yr. This is normal for me, at least the prices go up and sometimes down though not much.

    Not as ridiculous as Chanel....hahaha