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  1. Hello LV ladies,

    I am just beginning to have a strong interest in the Speedy 25. From the threads I am reading there is to be a price increase? I was wondering if the price increase has already occurred or if there is to be another increase?

    Currently the Speedy 25 is $595. If there is going to be another price increase I want to buy it now before it goes up!
  2. It has increased already.
  3. Yup the 25 was $565 and now with the price increase is $595
  4. It'll be $595 until possibly the next price increase in Feb.
  5. it went up a bit.
  6. is the increase 2 or 3 times a year?
  7. i have read from another thread that there might be three increases this year.

    correct me if i am wrong...i hope so!

  8. eekkk!!! I really hope not!
  9. What the :censor:? Do they think we're all loaded or something? This is ridiculous! :mad:
  10. omg I just went on eLUX cause I am saving for a Trouville........I just saw that it incresed $60!!!!!!!!!!! that makes me soo mad.......they just barely had a price increase!!!
  11. Hurry and save up! There is another price increase comming but s/a didn't know exact date yet.
  12. AHHHH...Oh well I should be good by the end of the week..........unless they have ANOTHER one!! This is really discouraging me from LV lately...
  13. The Perfo pieces have remained the same prices, it seems.
  14. Ladies, I just went on the LV site, and the Speedy 25 went up to $625. How crazy is that? I don't understand why they increse the prices. :confused1:
    They increase the prices, but the salaries are still the same. We don't get an increase a couple of times a year.... This is crazy!!!!:shame:
  15. What is the rationale for the increase?
Thread Status:
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