Louis Vuitton price increase...

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  1. I just received a phone call from my LV sa and she informed:nuts: me of a price increase. The increase starts on Wednesday - 1/23/08. Most items are just going up by about $30.00, but the signature items will be going up 30% or so..sorry if someone has already posted this..
  2. It's been posted already, but maybe many don't know or forgot. I hate price increases!!
  3. Me too!! I don't know how I missed it!! It's probably better that I didn't know or I would have been obsessing over what I want and what I don't have sooo much longer.
  4. My SA told me about it already. I will continue to shop there.
  5. Is the Alma a signature piece? Yikes!
  6. Somebody needs to tell US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke about this! Forget the mortgage rate crisis -- this is a true economic disaster for Americans!!!!
  7. ^ Lol. Prices increased in Europe as well.
  8. 30%?? That's steep.
  9. 30% increase on 'signature' items!? :wtf:
  10. what are signature items?
  11. I am an LV newbie...what are considered Signature pieces? Thanks!
  12. the price increase is in effect in the UK it's 5% it doesn't seem to be on shoes & jewellery and most if not all recent releases and soon to be released have already had it factored into the price
  13. :wtf:30%:wtf:
  14. 30 % OMG noooo...
    What is considered a signature piece..?
    Does anyone know if this is in the Netherlands as well ??
  15. signature pices are considered speedys, luggage and all that....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.