Louis Vuitton Price Increase...

  1. Hi all, from reading posts it looks likely there is going to be a price increase for LV, just wondering if anyone knows if this will be world wide... debating whether to go get the epi leather pochette wallet now
  2. yea I heard it goes into effect the day after Christmas...not sure if that's correct, though.
  3. My SM told me the price increase would be in the US but not in Canada (I don't know if this is still true 'cause I was told this a few weeks ago). I know this doesn't really pertain to you in Australia, but it does sound as though the price increase isn't intended to be worldwide.
  4. I will inquire when I go to the boutique soon !!
  5. Don't think it would affect Australia much. Just that everyone is catching up with us. It has always cost more to buy from Australia. Our tax and shipping is high.
  6. I called my Local LV and asked when the price increase would take place.

    I was told it was all rumors and no increase will take place anytime soon.

    I get told one thing and then another the next week. *sigh*

    Hmmm ..... who knows? :shrugs:
  7. yeah it is very expensive in australia!!! hopefully your local LV is right LV Diva, and there is no price increase!!!
  8. i spoke to my SA on thursday and she confirmed a price "adjustment" (why don't they just say increase lol) on dec. 26.
  9. can anyone confimr if its worldwide?
  10. I wonder by how much the prices will increase...
  11. Aren't these bags expensive enough? , Utilities, Gas, food, housing everything is going up but paychecks almost the same. I get a little upset that there's increases in my favorites brands every year. :sad:
  12. my SA told me about 5%. but i'm hoping that there will be some things that get lowered (like the batignolles line during the other increase).

    she didn't say if it was a worldwide adjustment.
  13. I just got back from 2 different LV's and I asked a few SA's at both and not one SA knew about an upcoming price increase. Not to say they are not lying as we all know they can be very good at. I remember last year the exact same rumor but it was that there was going to be an increase Jan 1 and there was not a price increase until the Summer.

    But I did buy a bunch of things just in case there really is one coming up in a few days. I rather be wrong about the price increase and not find out after that it is going to cost me more. I figure if there is no increase I can always return a few things if I change my mind. Better safe then sorry.
  14. Lowered? Wow.... wonder why though...
  15. the sales in ala monoa gave me the same info as 5% increase on all items on Dec 26. But, i did confirmed with my local store (in CA) today that no increase until next year. so. not sure if the increase only happens in Hawaii since the LV price in Hawaii is alwasy lower than in the States.