Louis Vuitton price changes

  1. does anyone know the next time LV is going to raise their prices? and how many price changes were there last year? i heard there were about 3
  2. i get the feeling they are having a price increase in jan 08. this is because i saw some pics of upcoming peices and notice the damier neverful to be released in nov (so it said on the look book) was cheaper than the azur neverful which is due in jan 08.
  3. to far ahead for me to think, we did just have one.
  4. I hope not before christmas!! But I guess it would be smart if they did considering there would be a surge of purchases for christmas..
  5. oh boy, bring on the rumors!! lol jk jk. its hard to tell. they're never really on a set schedule.
  6. my hert sank when I saw your title I thought you had news thankful it wasn't phew! hopefully it'll not be for a whilel
  7. Gosh I hope there are no more price changes, I cant afford it how it is
  8. I hope there is no more price changes.
  9. Gosh, let's hope there's no more increases for a long while!!
  10. I hope not, but I've noticed LV prices go up in Feb, July, and Nov.
    that's just MY observation, nothing official....
  11. I was wondering the same thing. I am only guessing but maybe one in November or December? Last year in summer it was in June, this year in summer it was in July. Last year during winter it was in November, so maybe around there for this year also. Then again,... I am only guessing as I havent heard anything.
  12. a price increase will be another excuse to rack up the credit card charges. lol
  13. caley, i love your ticker thing!
  14. Bought a tie for DH yesterday at NM and there was a sticker for $180 over the $170 sticker. I don't know when the prices went up; I was just miffed that they stuck a sticker that wasn't even opaque over the old price.
  15. They go up all the time...