Louis Vuitton Presents 'At A Glance'


Apr 5, 2007
I know this is kind of old, but I found it on a blog today and wanted to share with those of you who may not have seen this yet:

"Louis Vuitton brings us 'At a Glance', a catalogue that follows a woman for a week, as she walks through the city of Paris. We get to know her habits and routines as we observe her like voyeurs: the aim is to show that Louis Vuitton's garments and accessories are everyday items...

The story begins in a Parisian apartment on Rue Roya. From then on, each photo is at a specific time and place, from a walk at Pont Neuf on a Sunday at 11.30, to lunch at 'Les Deux Magots', to a rendez-vous on Avenue Montaigne.

The woman is young and wears the full range of LV accessories, from diaries to iPod accessories, to sneakers collections, to City Guides."

Here are all of the pictures!



Feb 24, 2007
now thats what you called " the true ADDICT" :smile:thank you for taking the time to do file theae photo, its fun to look at.