Louis Vuitton Pre-Fall 2008 Woman Paris Runway

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    Thanks to style.com!
  4. Do I spot a red alma :nuts:
  5. And it looks like Vernis *faints*
  6. Yeah, it's a XL Vernis Alma in purple or violet. My SA showed it to me on her cell. She took a picture of it while in France. It's huge and very pricey! Limited too!
  7. sweet! thanks for sharing!
  8. Good going! I wish they had sneaked more new bags onto that runway...that Vernis (Pomme?) Alma is striking!
  9. clothes are quit disappointing but the bag is great!!

  10. I know, me too :p

  11. Thanks for the info :heart:
  12. Oh WOW!!! I want the whole of outfit 1!!! Minus the fur hat, all of the collection is tdf!! I love the legwarmers!!! thank you for sharing!
  13. The Red Alma does look like a larger size.. but it sure looks beautiful!! So does most of post number 3 (photos 1, 3, 4 & 6) those appeal to me :smile:
    Thanks for sharing.
  14. :wtf:WHAT?! A vernis Alma?!:love::tender:
  15. I like everything but the runway show looks really dissapointing compared to the S/S one