Louis Vuitton Pre-1900s Trunk - Advice Needed Please!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am trying to help out someone who has stumbled across a Louis Vuitton trunk. This is an excerpt of the history:

    "...it was purchased in England at least 100 years ago secondhand.It was taken to Scotland and then brought to Australia when the family migrated here many years ago. That is the best I can do on the origins. The family that owned it was Scottish and they are very old and their grandmother was actually the owner who used it for her sewing trunk..."

    The question is, how do you get the best price you can for a trunk of this value? This person has listed it on Australian eBay (she is from Mackay, Queensland), but there hasn't been much interest. (this is where I met her btw)

    The reason I'm trying to help is because she needs to sell this to fund medical treatment for her pet who has broken its back in a horrific car accident caused by a drunken driver...

    I have attached some pictures attached (there are several more available), so if anyone here has any idea on where to direct this person, it would be greatly appreciated!
    LVtrunk1.jpg LVtrunk2.jpg LVtrunk3.jpg LVtrunk4.jpg LVtrunk5.jpg
  2. Ask her to send info and pics to this site - they do trunk restorations and may take consignment for it:


    They would be able to determine authenticity...
  3. Thank you so much Addy! :yes:
  4. You're welcome!