Louis Vuitton Prague?

  1. Worth a visit? I've heard that LV is quite pricey in Prague compared to the rest of Europe--would it be worth making a purchase if I can't get to France? I'm from the US.
    also, would this boutique have anything exclusive to LV Prague?

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  3. wow - I have no idea, but love how international this forum is.
  4. Hi. I am going to Prague this coming April. Does anyone know about the LV pricing in Prague? Thanks.
  5. No I dont know the price but is Prague using euros now? ( I love Prague stayed there for 9 days)
  6. Czech republic (Prague being the capital) is not using Euro. They are using the Czech Korona, abbreviated as CZK. I suggest looking how it has developed against the USD or GBP over the last 6 months to get some idea if it will be cheaper or not.

    Also since it is within the European Union (you are in the UK, no?) you will not be able to get a VAT refund from what I understand.

    Maybe save your money for a trip outside the EU and maybe wait until the GBP recovers.
  7. Thanks. J.L.M.
  8. I plan to go to Prague next month so anyone know the LV price overther. I think is cheaper than US because I can do tax refund.;) How u think?
  9. Why not email Louis Vuitton support with a request for the specific prices for bags that you would like ?
  10. my DH is planning for a surprise trip for my bday this April in Prague (i found out without him knowing) :lolots:

    wonder if tehre's any LV there? thanks in advanced
  11. maybe you should check the LV website. Just a thought. Good luck with your search :p

  12. There definitely is. Last year I bought a present for my mother there. It's situated in Parizska street as well as most designer boutiques in Prague. Btw, don't expect to find there anything labelled as Limited Edition - regular collections mostly. Good luck:smile:
  13. Yes there is and a salvatore ferragamo and a hugo boss. I went into all 3 stores thats all the designers I remember but I love Prague!!!
  14. I'm an expat living in Prague. I've never bought anything from the LV store here. I usually buy them when I'm on vacations/business trips.

    I called the store last week to check the price for Speedy 30 and Alma.

    Speedy 30 - 12500CZK ~ USD675
    Alma - 19500CZK ~ USD1053

    I haven't met anyone who is into LV here :smile: Most of the people I know think I'm crazy spending so much money on a purse!
  15. Hi girls!

    I'm travelling soon in Prag and I was thinking about getting a bag, the Speedy B 35 over there. Do you know if it is cheaper than in Europe?

    Thanks in advance for your answer:p