Louis Vuitton "porter" accessories

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  1. Hi,

    usually i am in the balenciaga section, but i have recently fallen in love with the LV "porter" accessories. I'm not sure what they are actually called i just know they have a picture of a bell man type person on them and they are ADORABLE!! however i don't know what to search in sites like ebay to find some can anyone help?

    Sorry for not really knowing what i'm talking about

    liz :flowers:
  2. You are referring to the now discontinued LV Groom Series....check the clubhouse; there is a Groom Club in there with the various pieces in the collection.
  3. unfortunately if you want to get them Ebay is your only option. Just get it authenticated first..I just bought 2 groom wallets off of Ebay myself! i LOVE them.
  4. Was it the picture of Christina Aguilera with the coin purse hooked onto her b-bag that brought you over ? :graucho:

  5. I DIDN'T SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love christima! doesn anyone have that picture???
  6. Does anyone know if LV will soon have any more "cartoon" or illustrations coming out soon?
    I think they're kind of fun and missed out on the groom.
  7. ^^ agreed, i think it makes a classic bag more youthful and fun