Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Infrarouge! Reveal! Mod shots!

  1. After seeing a couple of our lovely TPF members show this beauty, I knew I had to have it! I got it today and I am thrilled!!!
    They will only get 5 in my city, so this is super limited, I'm so lucky The army green inside is awesome and the canvas is so elegantly shiny it gives the bag something special for sure.
    I'm in love!
    IMG_1480897932.369775.jpg IMG_1480897948.664665.jpg IMG_1480897962.335470.jpg IMG_1480897973.605513.jpg IMG_1480897991.468747.jpg IMG_1480898017.418945.jpg IMG_1480897973.605513.jpg IMG_1480897973.605513.jpg IMG_1480898017.418945.jpg IMG_1480898059.800777.jpg IMG_1480898084.169557.jpg
    IMG_1480897901.318241.jpg IMG_1480897916.213344.jpg
  2. Beautiful bag and it looks fabulously on you!!! Enjoy. I'm waiting for a reverse monogram to arrive tomorrow.
  3. @LL777 Thank you! If $ was no object (I wish!) I would have gotten the reverse too... it's amazing. Be sure to post pics, we're all loving these.
  4. IMG_1480898836.957875.jpg IMG_1480898857.967473.jpg IMG_1480898881.566525.jpg
    Interior pics! (Sorry for the previous duplicates... no idea how that happened:smile:
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  6. Omg, that would be so cute!
  7. Congratulations! This infrarouge is really eye-catching and you wear her well! :smile:
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  8. Congrats .. love the interior too …wish LV would produce more items in green.
    you look fab too:heart:
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  9. Congrats!!
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  10. Gorgeous. This has such a great color combo.
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  11. Utterly stunning! Congrats!
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  12. Very nice! Congrats!

    This one is growing on me...
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  13. Looks great on you ! Congrats and enjoy :smile:
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  14. awesome!
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  15. Bag twins..! Woohoo..
    Enjoy your bag.. ;)
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