louis vuitton pigs

  1. [​IMG]

    lol :shrugs:
  2. :blink:
  3. yeah that's been posted/discussed before.. it's from an artist trying to make fun of the current economy/society/etc.
  4. I believe this was posted here a while ago with not so good replies.
  5. oh it was? sorry :push:
  6. um.. I'm a vegetarian:yucky: I prefer to carry my bags..not eat them
  7. mmmmmm bacon.
  8. im a fan of the artist Wim Delvoye. i think he's brilliant. there's more to it than tattooed pigs - which i totally get. look him up :yes:
  9. everytime i see pigs, i think of babe! he was too cute, my bf got me both dvds for xmas last yr. :biggrin: (huge crush on james cromwell aka farmer haggit) lol
  10. LOL My thoughts exactly!
  11. too funny! HA! HA! Guess we are all swine!!!
  12. :lol:they r stylish pigs...
  13. I think of Babe too! When I was a kid, I stopped eating pork for awhile because I didn't want to be eating Babe :shame: Even now I hesitate to eat pork!
  14. you should watch charlottes web too then. that pig is just adorable, i couldnt stop crying in that movie. put an movie with animals, i get teary eyed (strict vegetarian here :p)
  15. HAHA, oh that made my hour!.. lol, i probably shouldnt be laughing.. lol;)