Louis Vuitton petit bucket bag?


Dec 27, 2005
I need help with opinions on this and how your bag has held up if you have it.

My friend's hubby would like to get her one for part of her Christmas gift, she has no problem with preowned bags in good condition. I have checked on Yogi's closet and there are some nice looking ones there for a good price.
Problem is I am so unsure of how the inside lining will hold up. I had this bag ages ago made by the French Company-it was lined in brown and had a leather piece on the middle of the bag. I liked the brown interior. I have a large makeup case with the tan interior like the bucket and the interior is peeling/flaking so it is useless to me right now unless I get it relined. Of course this is probably because I lived in hot humid Florida.
I know it might bother my friend if the lining starts to flake but does this happen with just regular use and not living where it is hot and humid?

So any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Bag Fetish

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Mar 28, 2006
the land of cold!
what about going with a mini lin one .. its fabric inside.. :smile:
I too had a bucket many years ago and altho I boughtit used i was perfect inside. I didnt keep it too long as the formed bottom bothered me, found it hard to carry and sold it.


Jun 15, 2010
I have one that I bought pre-loved. The lining is flakey and sticky in a spot. It rubs off this weird white stuff on the leather things I put in there. I live it Texas. It is hot, but not humid like Florida. I hope this helps.


Aug 31, 2006
I think as long as you take care of it, it should be fine. Like, try to be careful where you store it, especially when it's not in use. I've seen a few buckets secondhand that are 8-10 years old and they still look good without the peeling.

I use to have the petit bucket many, many years ago. It was one of my firsts and I also had it relined. What I didn't like about it was that I thought it was too small and it was open-top. I don't mind small bags (I actually prefer them over huge bags and totes), but I didn't like carrying a small bag that I couldn't zip up.

Although, I kinda wish I still had it now since I'm finding my cabas piano too "big". :lol: Oh, well.


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
The Petit Bucket was my first LV! It was also pre-loved and was peeling a little on the inside- but not sticky. I eventually sold it to get a bigger bag. I wouldn't get it if I lived in a humid climate (like Florida where I live). I found it to be a bit small and I ended up stacking my things inside in order to fit everything. If you don't carry much, it shouldn't be a problem though.