Louis Vuitton Pet carrier how much???Worth buying???

  1. Does anyone know how much is the pet carrier??? Is it good for carrying cat???Worth buying????
  2. there is one on ebay for sale right now.. I thin the small one is about 1450$ new US..
    Purchasing one/is it worth purchasing depends on whether your pet will be comfy in it. If they arent used to it i'd say no, go with something cheap and non designer until they are used to it.
  3. Ahhh Thanks Bag Fetish...I haven't though about the fact my baby might not like it....I am such bad pet owner:sad: thanks tho!:P
  4. I really don't think it's worth it. Your pet has to be super tiny or it gets heavy fast. Like 5lbs and under. Also, smaller dogs tend not to like them. My dog would hate it. Also, while it is good for certain things, you'll always need a hard carrier, I'm not sure of the name I just call them kennels. So, it's a waste of money imo that could be spent on a bag.
  5. Ive also heard that the carrier itself is VERY heavy....i mean def stylish but maybe too hard to carry unless you have well developed biceps.=)
  6. I have one for my coton de tulear puppy, but I stopped using it because it would bruise my arms since it gets quite heavy. So unless you have a small puppy that wont go over 6 pounds its really not worth it.:biggrin:
  7. Thanks girls...I just thought it would be good for my pet...ugh but I guess it's not that great...
  8. Well I have a cat and he would have one but he is too long to fit in it. the biggest dog carrier is only 20" long and my baby is 22" and his comfort is very important to me.
  9. It would be great if you have an over indulged pet like mines that won't get over 6 lbs.
  10. Not worth it to me as BF's cat has claws. Heck, I can't even bring myself to get myself a bag that expensive yet!
  11. It could be worth it if you take your dog everywhere, but I only use a dog carrier to take my dogs to the vet, where they like to have "accidents" so it wouldn't be worth it for me.
  12. I just see myself paying nearly $1500 for a LV that my dog would probably poop in. Didn't that happen on the Newlyweds?
  13. I have the largest one and was fortunate enough to get it on ebay. You can clean the interior but I wouldn't put my cat in it unless they were declawed! I'm hoping I can use it for my dog when we take a trip this summer and I use it for short drives around town. He whines the entire time he is in there so I don't use it unless I have to. Right now it is in the floor of my room holding his toys so I would have to agree, if you can find another type that they will use, go with that! Unfortunatley, my dog figured out how to unzip most of the cheaper carriers!
  14. Very smart doggie of yours!:amuse: Yeah I guess it's not a good idea after all...my cat is no tinkerbell or tiny kitten ( he is like over 10lb)and I am not going to get him declawed!!!It's just not going to happen....so I guess I'll find something else to carry him instead. Thanks ladies you ladies always great help.
  15. i was gonna get it for my bunny (max she'll get is like 6 or so lbs.) but she's a chewer, and she'll chew through the whole thing, so i got a good quality & sturdy plastic "kennel cab" from petsmart for $20 instead. she likes it so far. :smile: