Louis Vuitton Perfume?

  1. Hey there, I need some help. I tried a search but couldn't find anything about what I'm looking for. Before my grandmother passed away :crybaby: she gave me a bottle of Louis Vuitton Perfume that she's had for years. She said she never used it and it's super old. Has anyone ever heard of Louis Vuitton making a perfume? Thanks!!
  2. I've never heard of it, but can't be sure?
  3. Nope, LV never made parfums from my knowledge.
  4. Funny that you bring this topic up. I was reading an article excerpt from a book the other day. Louis Vuitton is the only Luxury Company that has not ventured into the perfume industry. Why? because its not profitable as they only sell within their own stores.
  5. someone asked about this a while ago. i thought someone mentioned there had been a perfume but i know for sure they tried cosmetics, nail varnish, and it didnt sell very well.

    EDIT; i found the thread, COSMOS said they had made a fragrance but didnt go into detail.
  6. I think it's good that LV has not and hopefully never will venture out into the perfume industry... that would attract a lot of people who try too hard to show off. Next thing we need is seeing teeny boppers parading around the mall toting a small LV shopping bag thinking they're the :hs: just because they have LV perfume. :rolleyes:
  7. No Perfume, they did make VERY old perfume type bottles for old travel sets back in the stone age when the company first started to BOOM, perhaps its an old bottle of that, its in the BOML book, I will have to take a pic.
  8. Yep thats correct Matt- they did make toiletry bottles.
  9. I just would like to see them NOT follow all the other luxury goods labels.
  10. If everybody would open their copies of Louis Vuitton - The Birth of Modern Luxury, you will see that Vuitton did in fact dabble in fragrance in the 1920's, and created at the very least, two commercial fragrances:
    Heures d'absence and Je, tu, il.
  11. woah calm down there. not everyone owns BOML.
  12. I for one think it would be fantastic if Vuitton recreated one of its perfumes but done discreetly - and of course, sold only within it's stores as Hermes does with it's Hermessences - kept exclusive (and expensive).
  13. Haha, sorry Cherry Pie, I didn't mean to sound smart-assed about it, my usual smilies weren't in place to show I was trying to be pretendy geeky school-teachery about it :p
  14. aw, ill forgive you:yes:
  15. That is news to me that LV did do fragrances!