Louis Vuitton Perfume Anniversary Event

  1. Hello lovlies!

    The LV store I go to is having an event tonight for the anniversary of the Louis Vuitton Perfume, which I was invited to. Is this happening at every store? What happens at these events? What do people usually wear?

    Thank you!!!
  2. That's lovely for you. I've been invited to the party at my store tomorrow. I like to support the brand and so usually wear a piece of rtw and an lv bag.

    If it's the same format as the one I'm going to I was told cocktail style so dress up and have some fun. They're having champagne and chocolate tasting. My three favourite things all in one night. I'm a happy gal.

    I'm sure you'll have a great time.
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  3. Thank you for letting me know! Is your party also to celebrate the perfume anniversary?
  4. Yes, they're holding events in all the major stores. Sounds a lot of fun.

    I'd love to hear about your event.
  5. I went to an event and it was a bit dressier than day to day wear. I wore jeans and a Ted Baker top with my Apollo charm as a wristlet. The main thing I noticed (and this might be the tPF in me) was the bags. People either had new runway pieces, exotics, and I saw more Hermes than I've previously ever seen in my city combined. It was seriously paradise for a bag lover.

    I hope both of you have a great time at your events!
  6. I got an invite to the watch event, I RSVP'ed but then couldn't go. I did not get an invite to this event.
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