Louis Vuitton Pens

  1. I have the nails agenda pen in marshmellow. It writes just like any other pen. The refills are around $5 or $6 something like that, I bought four of them and I think it costs me $24. I bought it to go with my agenda but it doesn't write any differently than another ballpoint pen.
  2. ^I have the marshmallow one too and it writes like any pen. I like fine point pens and this one fit my LV needs.
  3. I also have Nails in marshmallow as well as a plain silver agenda pen. Both work fine -- it did take me a bit to get used to them though -- the agenda pens are really tiny for clumsy people like me :p
  4. I have a Nails in Marshmallow too! I also have a gold LV pen. One for my agenda, one for my Mono Zippy Organizer. And yes, LV pens write like any other pen...but they don't LOOK like any other pen!
  5. Me too, got the pale pink pen to match my rose koala agenda. It's very nice, for a ball point pen. Writes very smoothly, no problems so far, and of course it's adorable. I love it, and it just looks so cute in my agenda!

    It's still a $230 pen though, and definitely my biggest LV splurge so far.
  6. I have the nails agenda pencil in fuchsia. I thought I was getting a pen...later found out it was a mechanical pencil, haha. I didn't even know a pencil version existed!
  7. I have the little gold one I just had to get it to match my groom agenda it's worth it IMO...
  8. It writes really smoothly....but I feel bad about the purchase b/c I couldnt really find anything else that would fit in the agenda pen holder execpt this....:s
  9. pics...

    LV Pomme agenda-pen 05.jpg
  10. I think there pens are cute.
  11. Are the small ones (small agenda ballpoint and the medium) refillable? My SA didn't know.
  12. I have the small silver pen, great size for agenda but just for quick notes the pen is too fine point for me.
  13. Tiffany's makes great agenda pens that fit perfectly. The Tiffany Blue with Gold accents runs about $75.