Louis Vuitton Pencil Holder DIY - Recycle FAKE Stuff

Nov 24, 2010
We all do have one of those.
We all made that one, naive purchase the first times we shopped online, and got a fake.

Here's mine: I ordered a Louis Vuitton wallet when I was 15 for a fraction of the retail price (what a good deal I thought it was!) and got a fake. I forced myself to use it a few days but then it ended up in a drawer for seven years. I learned my lesson and never bought fakes again.

Today I found it again after years, and instead of throwing it away I decided to put it into better use: make something DIY out of it!


- Fake Louis Vuitton wallet
- Wood glue (super strong)
- Blade
- Small, tall jar
- Leather strings

As you can see it was a pretty bad replica: 100% plastic, clumsy stitching. It even smelled toxic! Pulling it apart wasn't hard.

I had these leather strings left over from a dreamcatcher I made some months ago, so I tried to cut them as straight as I could, and glued them to the monogrammed part of the wallet.
I attached one string to the upper part and one to the lower.

I left the glue dry for a few minutes, with a heavy vocabulary on it in order to make sure that the weight would make the leather and the canvas attach perfectly.

I measured the jar's circumference so I knew how much to cut from the sides of the wallet: in this moment I realized the canvas was applied to a horrible fake leather (more like plastic coated cardboard!) layer that I removed.

Carefully, I glued everything to the jar, made sure the edges matched and left it in place with a few rubber bands, and left everything out in the sun to dry out.

Et voilà! It's not Louis Vuitton quality (it's DIY, after all) but it gives a nice touch to a desk. It happens, sometimes we get fakes and we would never wear them in public. Don't try to sell them to someone else (booo!) and don't throw them away. Use your imagination and do something creative! :lol:


many capybara

Jul 6, 2014
Very cool!
My shame : I have a fucci I bought traveling on a whim thinking it might be authentic and the smart folks here let me know it was not... :sad: I don't know how to dispose of it [don't want to donate to thrift stores it to release it back to the wild to an unsuspecting person].

Your cup gives me an idea to use it as a lining for my leather tool box just with glue! Thankyou.


Feb 16, 2015
well, i just love this idea! friends and family know i love louis vuitton bags (i'm always carrying one), and sometimes they will stumble upon one at a yard sale or something and they will grab it for me, not knowing much about lv. of course, such scores are practically always fake, and i haven't known what to do with them (other than storing them far, far away from my authentic pieces!). i've been hesitant to donate them and keep them in circulation, but trashing them seems wasteful. but now i'll be looking for recycling projects for them! thanks! :smile:


Jul 6, 2015
Nice DIY work. I need to buy a wood glue though. Got a few fake wallets that needs recycling so they'll be put to good use.