Louis Vuitton Patchwork inspired bag

  1. not for me i'm afraid
  2. Erm sorry no
  3. that bag has a lot going on - not for me
  4. I don't care for it either.
  5. I think it's ugly as sin, just like the original LV version. *yech*
  6. indeed, who would pay that much for the original?, its horrific ! no offence to the original poster though
  7. that right there is a monstrosity! i probably don't like it that much more just cuz it's "inspired" i don't do "inspired. it's not the ugliest thing i've seen for sure, but i don't like it ;)
  8. Erm...Not for me
  9. Absolutely. I agree, no offense intended to anyone who likes the bag.
  10. interesting...i'd like to see how high the bidding will be. it's like patchwork+ miroir
  11. Umm NO!
  12. Not my style
  13. Not worth it.
  14. Ummm, not for me. I only do authentic bags, but even if it was an authentic LV I still wouldn't care for it. No offense to the original poster.