Louis Vuitton Passport Cover in Monogram Eclipse-Is It Worth It?

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  2. I think the monogram eclipse is a sublime choice! Yes I think it is worth it. Although there are a few ME items that are not cute like the grand sac.
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  3. Passport Cover is a cute idea but so inconvenient. It makes your passport look chic in your hands in the airport but you have to take the passport out every time you need to hand it over to Immigration personnel.
  4. I love it. Always wanted an LV passport cover. Never got one because I don’t travel out of the country much.
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  5. I used my Mulberry passport cover recently on a trip to Singapore and the immigration officers over there and in San Francisco they both said, passport covers are useless, they told me not to use one. Because its slows the line. Ah well. I now just use the cover as a wallet for cash
  6. I just placed a preorder for the Christmas animation passport cover and I don't even have a passport! Planning on getting it done before the end of the year. I really love the design :graucho:
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  7. I sold my passport cover because although it's very cute, it's a pain when going through passport control and immigration. I don't regret letting it go.
  8. Why I sold mine too.
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  9. that's why i only insert one end of the cover so that the cover can be taken off easily
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  10. True. I have a Mont Blanc passport holder and it serves to protect my passport when its in my bag, though I have to deal with the hassle of removing it from the holder whenever I go through immigration :P
  11. So did I!
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  12. I have a world tour one from LV. I love it because it has the "LV stickers" I like on it and frankly speaking removing the passport from the holder isn't hard since you can literally put it out from the top. It also holds my global entry card, priority pass cards, APEC card, etc. Of course when the Christmas animation one comes out, I'm gonna get that too because it has a Vivienne on it. :loveeyes:
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  13. I differ from most - I really love my customised MWT passport holder, it is not too much hassle to take out my passport at immigration and it holds my ticket and frequent flyer cards etc
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  14. I have the older M3xxx Taiga leather passport cover, and I think it's totally worth it having a nice passport cover. Especially if you keep everything travel related together.

    Mine holds my passport, WHO international certificates of vaccination, business cards, relevant membership cards. And I like the fact that I can throw this "package" into a safe and be done with it.

    It's true that most officers working for federal authorities won't touch passport covers/ wallets, but that is really no problem. Since most of the time you're in a line, simply remove passport while waiting. And if there is no line, there's no delay caused by taking out the passport in what is like 10 seconds, maybe?

    If an (immigration) officer makes a fuss about it anyway, they're mostly having a bad day. I always smile and say: "I'm sorry, officer".

    Kind regards,
  15. I also have no issues removing my passport from the cover, it’s one quick move whilst in the immigration queue. Mine usually holds mine and DH’s plus some travel cards.