Louis Vuitton parties

  1. Hi everyone, I see that some of you go to LV parties. I have a few questions for you...hope you dont mind.

    1 = do you have to be a VIP/VIC to go or can your SA invite you ?

    2=do all stores have them or only larger stores ?

    3= whats it like ?

    4= anything else :smile:

    Thanks ! ;)
  2. thanks :smile: you've been such a great help to me since I joined here :flowers:
  3. Not sure about the whole VIP/VIC thing...I think that maybe the SA can invite you??

    I have been to two parties--they are very fun...champagne, etc.

    One party had photographers there, the other one didn't :smile:
  4. since Im a young teenager would I even be considered ? I would love to go...Its such a dream of mine. I would probably die ! LOL
  5. im only 18 but ive spent a lot of damn $ there and i am friends with everyone so i was def. considered, my store is small so we dont have a lot of parties
  6. thanks for the info, Im gunna start spending more LOL :graucho:
  7. My SA invited me, they get a certain amount of invite each & decide who they go to. I always wonder if the older Sa's get more invites than the newer ones.
  8. Make friends with an SA, that is your best bet :smile:
  9. My store doesn't have as many parties, but my SA or the manager usually gives me an invite if one of the other stores near me has one. They're nice, usually have some LE items there etc. I don't usually stay TOO long, just long enough to talk to SAs about new items etc. I was always under the assumption that the parties were the first tier of the VIC thing but I don't know..you might be able to get in if you're close with your SA too but I'm not sure.
  10. I think you have a pretty good chance of an invitation if your SA is new & doesn't have a long client list. I only spent about 10k this year & was invited to a few events, I am nowhere near VIC status & spend less than a lot of the gals here but my SA was new so I am near the top of his client list.
  11. are these the sorts of parties that you get invited to with the card that's slipped into your catalog when they send it to you for the season? i got an "invite" like this before the holidays...around Thanksgiving.
  12. 1 = do you have to be a VIP/VIC to go or can your SA invite you ? I am not a VIC but my favorite SA (store manager) invites me.

    2=do all stores have them or only larger stores ? I think my store is not a large one and it has them.

    3= whats it like ? Its basically a crowded store, with alot of different merchandise out on display, and champagne and snacks (sometimes) and alot of women carrying rare LV bags! I wasnt OVERLY impressed..but it was still fun. It was crowded. I did go in an hour prior and the same stuff was on display, so if you are not invited it might be worth stopping in an hour before the event to catch what they have and to have it be much less crowded.
  13. I get mine in the mail, but was invited to the S/O party over the phone. I have never been given a catalog , had no idea they slipped notes in them :sad: I even asked when I picked up my pampelonne & my SA said they were out but he'd send me one soon.....never got one. SCP must give them to every one but me.
  14. thanks everyone for the info...its much appreciated :flowers: